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About Metabiota

Metabiota is a pioneer in comprehensive risk analytics that help protect global health.

Built on a strong foundation of scientific expertise, including a worldwide network of on-the-ground experts, Metabiota delivers actionable, data-driven analytics to help countries and corporations mitigate complex biological threats. With a strategic global presence and sustained partnerships, Metabiota’s agile approach helps identify, analyze and transfer the risk associated with biological threats.

The company’s international footprint includes operations in 30 countries with offices in San Francisco, Washington, Canada, Ukraine, West and Central Africa, China and Southeast Asia.

What We Do

Metabiota aims to assess and investigate biological threats through pathogen discovery, disease detection, and threat characterization.

Our pioneering science began in biological hot spots where we conduct endemic and epidemic disease research and investigations.  

We work with individuals, organizations and partners to help assess, investigate, and provide strategies to help mitigate risks.

Why We Do It

Emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases pose a growing threat to global health.

An increasingly interconnected world heightens the risk of disease emergence, transmission from animals into human populations, and from one person to another.

Protecting global health requires a strong network to gather data, assess risks, investigate threats, and influence positive change.

How We Do It

We are passionately committed to the mitigation of biological threats.

Our local and global presence provides us with access to the most robust international human network and a perspective that is unique to Metabiota.

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Mission & Vision

Metabiota is a microbiological term referring to a stable relationship between a group of hosts and the various microbes that inhabit them.

  Our name reflects our mission and inspires our vision. We endeavor to reduce and prevent global biological threats by creating stable and strong relationships locally, at the source where diseases originate. We provide the framework to efficiently and effectively identify, analyze, and mitigate global health threats.

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