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Metabiota provides experience, training, and insights.

Managing, stopping, and preventing epidemics requires expertise and capacity around the globe. We work closely with local health authorities worldwide, supporting them in their efforts to better serve their communities through expanded and improved surveillance, laboratory, and response capacities.

With strong roots in the field and experience working in more than 20 countries over the past decade, Metabiota is uniquely positioned to offer tailored solutions and expertise with a client-centered, collaborative approach.


Experience spanning infectious disease research, surveillance, preparedness, and response.

Metabiota collaborates closely with multilateral agencies, national and state governments, private sector organizations, foundations, and nonprofits.

Disease Surveillance

We plan, support, and execute surveillance activities of humans and animals together with local authorities to manage known, and identify new emerging infectious diseases that threaten public health.

Capacity Building

We drive the development of strong disease surveillance and response capabilities by strengthening infrastructure, as well as training and mentoring workforce to excel at matters of disease surveillance, biosafety and biosecurity, diagnostics, outbreak response, treatment, case management, and more.


We conduct and support research to understand local disease and epidemic risks, helping local authorities to better target mitigation strategies and local researchers to develop their skills and visibility.

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Our team works throughout the world with agencies and organizations seeking to better understand their risk and mitigate it. To learn more about our offerings for governmental organizations, contact us.

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