Global footprint.

We work with partners around the world to push scientific boundaries and develop new knowledge. We have deep and sustained partnerships with governments, health agencies, academic institutions and private enterprise.

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My work in outbreak response and surveillance gave me an appreciation for just how reactive the global strategy for managing infectious disease risk is. I wanted to be a part of the Metabiota team so I can contribute toward making a world better prepared for the eventuality of epidemics. Patrick Ayscue, DVM

Supporting local science.

We believe in supporting local researchers and building sustainable scientific research in communities around the world. With our partners, we develop training and mentoring programs to strengthen local scientists’ skills for approaching, executing, and communicating their work.


From epidemiological research to probabilistic modeling, we work with the academic sector to develop transformative solutions with real-world applications.


Metabiota products provide insurance, pharmaceutical and other commercial customers with highly granular intelligence on the latest infectious disease risks and trends.


We partner with governments worldwide to develop a new awareness of pathogenic impact surveillance, learn from their experiences and bolster our network of reference data.


We are constantly expanding our understanding of emerging infectious diseases.

We conduct basic research into the causes and dynamics of viral diversity, spillover, and emergence, develop new methods linking epidemiological modeling and social science, and take part in scientific and policy dialogues on epidemic preparedness, response, and policy framework.

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